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Open Day 2008

Our 2008 open day was held on Sunday 8th June at Long Melford Village Hall, near Sudbury. The purpose of the event was to give the public the opportunity to find out more about the club and what we do.

Photo Gallery

Photographs from the open day can be found here.

Layouts & Stands

We had six member layouts and one club layout at the 2008 Open Day, including:

  • Willit End - Stuart Bailey's 2mm finescale layout
  • Till Valley Light Railway - Neil and John's 009 gauge layout
  • Paul Sumption's Small Layout Display in 00 gauge
  • Ambridge - a 00 gauge layout by Chris
  • Gestup St Anne - Derek Reeve's 0-16.5 gauge layout
  • Stanton Lacy - A 7mm narrow gauge layout by Norman
  • Constable Wharf - the club's O gauge layout

Phil Cooper of Sudbury Model Railways was also present with his trade stand, as well as other club members demonstrating various modelling skills.

Members Gestup St Anne
Club members modelling at the Open Day Derek Reeve's layout Gestup St Anne

Till Valley Railway

A photographic survey of the line and adjacent buildings, together with some detailed measurements were made. A scale plan was drawn out on paper and card mock-ups were made of the principle structures to ensure the model would replicate the general feel of the original, even after being condensed to fit the available space.

The scale is 1:76, or 4mm to 1' 0'' with a gauge of 9mm, equivalent to a prototypical 2' 3'', i.e. just under half the British standard gauge.

Baseboards have been constructed from plywood and most of the Peco track laid. The river bed has been scenically treated with acrylic paint, varnish and stones from the river bed of the Till. The next job will be to electronically wire up the track and point motors and test run a locomotive before commencing the scenery.

Contours will be formed from polystyrene block cut to profile upon which various scenic materials will be laid. The buildings will all be scratch-built by a variety of methods including plastic sheet and card covered with modelling clay, suitably scribed to represent stonework, etc, while trees, etc, will be from wire, acrylic mastic and various scenic materials.

Till Valley Railway Small Layout Display
Till Valley Railway layout under construction Paul Sumption's small layout display

A Small Layout Display

The layout has been designed to use standard sectional track (i.e. Peco Setrack). It is intended to serve as an expendable step between the toy train set and a more advanced model railway that will follow. This layout is operated using standard 12 volt DC analogue control (i.e. it is not wired for for Digital Control).

The overall size of the layout is 6' 6'' x 3' 6''. It uses the smallest possible baseboard for simplicity and is divided into two opposing scenic areas by a central backscene. The two scenic areas are set at different heights to add interest. This allows the lower level track to pass (out of sight) under the upper level.

The layout design provides a combination of the following features:

  1. Continuous running on the lower level (with half of the track circuit visible and the other half hidden under the upper level). A reversing loop is included within the circuit to enable changes in direction. The track circuit also includes a passing or storage loop (hidden under the upper level).
  2. Out and back running from the high level terminus station. Trains can be run down an embankment from the station to the lower level circuit (and returned after using the reversing loop).
  3. Goods yard / sidings on the lower level provide for a small industry line.
  4. Remote control of all points on the lower level. Points in the station area (on the upper level) are easily accessible and are therefore hand-operated.

The baseboard is comprised of two interlocking halves, each one 3' 6'' square. This design enables the layout to be more easily stored when not in use and aids transportation (due to smaller / lighter parts to carry). It can either be mounted on legs (provided) or can be placed on top of a suitable table for each operating session.

Only one controller is required to operate the layout (provision is made for using a hand-held or conventional transformer / controller). Because of its small size, this layout requires limited stock for its operation. Best results are obtained with small tank locomotives or diesels as the curves are all small radius.

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