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30th Model Railway Exhibition 2010

Sudbury Exhibition 2010

Our 30th annual exhibition was successfully held on Saturday 2nd October 2010 at St. Peter's Church in Sudbury, with the usual wide selection of high quality layouts in various scales and gauges and trade stands covering all interests in railway modelling.

Photo Gallery

To view photographs of the 2010 exhibition, please click here.


The layouts at this year's exhibition included:

Layout Name Gauge Owner / Exhibitor
Acton Lane OO All Saints Middle School MRC
Anderstaff Yard EM Brendan Walsh
Dawton New Street N David Evans
Grumstick & Dipplewick Railway 7mm NG Bev Rawlings
Holmehurst O Trevor Buck
Little Hardware N David Arnold
Loch Ayling OO Paul Wright
Nevermoor Z Brian Yallop
Purcell HO Neil Bromwich
Rixworth Green P4 Colin Wilson
Swansea Riverside O Alistair George, Luton MRC
The Broadway 2mm Finescale Alan Lawrence
Ullapool O Ian Futers

There was also trade support from:

  • Bill Bourne's Railway Roundabout
  • Bob Pearman Books
  • John Dutfield
  • Magpie Scale Models
  • Mid-Suffolk Light Railway
  • Modellers Mate
  • Phil Cooper of Sudbury Model Railways

Layout Challenge 2010

To celebrate the milestone of reaching our 30th exhibition, it was our intention to have more layouts exhibiting than usual. So we issued a challenge to club members and local modellers, who live within an hour of Sudbury, to build a layout adhering to these rules:

  • The layout must not have had an area bigger than 10 square feet. For example, if a layout was 5 foot long, it could not be more than 2 foot in width.
  • The layout must not have been longer than 5 foot in length.
  • There had to be something moving, not necessarily a train.
  • It had to be finished, ie. track ballasted, scenery, etc.
  • Could be free standing or require a table.
  • Any scale or gauge.

At the time of the exhibition we had 10 entries. During the exhibition, the visiting public were asked to judge the layouts.

The winner of the challenge was Peter Rednall, with his layout the 'Ashurst Brickworks Light Railway', which was modelled in 009 gauge. At the end of the exhibition, Peter was presented with a glass tankard, engraved with the club logo and the words '30th Exhibition Layout Challenge Winner', by our club chairman Derek Reeve.

Peter Rednall being presented with a tankard by Derek Reeve.

Layouts that took part in the challenge included:

Layout Name Gauge Entrant
Any-ware 00 Andy Shackley
Cascade Trestle On30 NG Tony Fookes
Chapel Crossing 00 Chris Martin
City Road N Iain Taylor
Half & Half 00 Norman Goodey
Konigswasser HOe Gordon Farrow
Polo N Mick Boon
Ramblers Halt 00 Paul Sumption
Rescue at Sea 00 Halstead Model Railway Club
The Ashurst Brickworks Light Railway 009 Peter Rednall


As the name suggests, this layout is not based on any region, but is set in the 1960s. It has been built with the intention of extending at both ends to make a more interesting layout in the future.

'Cascade Trestle'

An On30 Narrow Gauge mountain line inspired by Denver Rio Grande Western and Colorado Southern Railways of the Calorado / New Mexico mountains.

'Chapel Crossing'

The layout is OO modern image. It has a few sidings where some engineers wagons are loaded and stabled. Somehow this small backwater has been overlooked in various reorganisations. It also shows that even in a micro layout of three square feet it is also possible to have a continuous run. Built with Peco Finescale trackwork.

'City Road'

City Road is built on the principle that there is always room for a model railway. Set in the late 1950s, it represents a cramped inner city freight terminus serving a number of warehouses adjacent to a large wholesale market. In addition, there is a station to cater for the market workers and the factories shown in the background.

Viewing is through to be from one of the new tower blocks that have been built in a redeveloped area. It is planned that the market will eventually move to an out of town site and the whole area, including the railway, will be the subject of urban renewal.

'Half & Half'

One half being a country station running through an engine shed into a working place divided by buildings on both sides.


A 2' 6" (760mm) gauge railway to HOe scale, which is based in Austria.


Why Polo you ask? It was my late father's nickname and when he died twenty years ago, he left me all his N gauge equipment. The layout is based on the GWR in the 1930s. Some of the stock and buildings also belonged to my father.

'Ramblers Halt'

A 10 square foot 00 gauge layout, this compact layout represents a short single-track end-to-end privately owned railway line in a remote rural setting.

It only operates during the summer months to provide tourists with a quick alternative route from the (fictitious) rural village of 'Deepcut Vale' rising up to the wonderful hill-top walks that the surrounding countryside offers.

The line twists its way up from 'Deepcut Vale' station on a steady incline, passing through cuttings and tunnels, until it emerges at the hill-top terminus 'Ramblers Halt'.

At each end of the line, the single track branches into two, allowing a regular shuttle service to be maintained by two trains (i.e. one based at each station). The line operates both steam and diesel trains (purchased from BR and lovingly restored).

'Rescue at Sea'

Built by members of Halstead Model Railway Club, the layout is an attempt to motorise a plastic kit in an unusual way.

'The Ashurst Brickworks Light Railway'

Ashurst is an imaginary village nestled alongside a narrow estuary on the Sussex coast. The availability of good quality brick making clays in the local area stimulated the building of a narrow gauge light railway to transport the handmade bricks to the awaiting coastal ships.

Shortly after its opening the railway management decided to open the line to passengers to serve local isolated commmunities. Time has moved on and we view the railway as it is in the 1950s. Trains continue to run in their time honoured way, but for how much longer before it succumbs to the lorry and a possible future in preservation?

Photographs of the challenge entries can be found in the exhibition gallery.


The programme from this exhibition, including detailed information on the exhibited layouts and trade stands, is available to download:

PDF File Sudbury Exhibition Programme 2010
Portable Document Format (1.1 MB)

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