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Sunday 2nd August 2015 - Local Charities Benefit from Hobbies & Craft Day
Our 2015 Hobbies & Craft Day took place on Sunday 7th June at St. Peter's Church in Sudbury and was officially opened by Lord Philips. £390 was raised for three local charities through donations and sales of refreshments.

Our chosen charities for this year were St. Nicholas Hospice in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue and Suffolk Sight Support Services, with each receiving £130. More information about the Open Day including a photo gallery of the event can be found here.

Lord Philips Opening Hobbies Day
Lord Philips Opening the 2015 Hobbies Day.

Sunday 5th April 2015 - Hobbies & Craft Day
This year's Hobbies & Craft Day will take place on Sunday 7th June at St. Peter's Church in Sudbury. There are 15 various clubs attending, ranging from the local radio amateur to local history and stamp clubs, and of course the local model railway club! There will also be hobbies that will interest the ladies and children. Admission will be free.

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Sunday 19th October 2014 - Another New Club Layout
We have acquired two new members and have started planning a new layout that may become a replacement for Cornard, to make sure they have plenty to get on with!

The new layout is proposed to be OO gauge and loosely based on Bilderston in Suffolk, where there was a railway planned, but never built. It will be approximately 10ft x 9ft with a circular track plan. It will have a fiddle yard to the rear and a typical rural Suffolk scene for the public to enjoy at the front. The layout will be based on the Colonel Stephens Light Railway.

Sunday 19th October 2014 - Model Railway Exhibition
Our annual exhibition was held on the 4th October with hundreds of people coming through the doors of St. Peter's Church to view the high quality layouts we had on show. A photo gallery of all the layouts that attended can now be found here.

Tuesday 17th June 2014 - Hobbies & Craft Day
A new event for this year was our Hobbies & Craft Day, which took place in St. Peter's Church in Sudbury on the 1st June and incorporated our annual open day. More information about the day and a photo gallery of the event can be found here.

The event was a success with £450 being raised for our three chosen charities through donations and sales of refreshments. The charities were East Anglian Children's Hospice, East Anglian Air Ambulance and Suffolk Family Careers, who will each receive £150.

Sunday 6th April 2014 - New Club Layout
The club is constructing a new OO9 layout measuring 9' x 2' 6". The layout is a copy of one presented to the club after a member called John Lee sadly died. It is to be named after his wife. Her name was Signa and the new layout will be called 'Signa Dale'.

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Sunday 1st December 2013 - Photo Galleries
The photo galleries on the website are currently undergoing an overhaul to make them look much fresher and nicer to navigate. They also have the added benefit of being easier to create and maintain, so photos from events can be uploaded much quicker.

The galleries for this year's Model Railway Exhibition and Open Day have now been uploaded using the new templates.

If anyone experiences any problems using the new galleries, please let the webmaster know via the Contact Us page.

Tuesday 26th November 2013 - Stanhem Quay Attends Royston Show
Club layout 'Stanhem Quay' had its first outing away from Sudbury when it attended the Royston exhibition on the 16th November. The following photographs of Stanhem Quay at Royston were submitted by Derek Reeve and show the progress that has been made in the last couple of years.

Thursday 24th October 2013 - Cornard Attends Peterborough Show
Several club members exhibited Cornard at the two day British Railway Modelling exhibition, which was held at the East of England Showground at Peterborough last weekend. The photos of Cornard below were taken by Peter Worton.

Tuesday 8th October 2013 - Model Railway Exhibition
Our 33rd annual model railway exhibition was held once again in St. Peter's Church at the weekend. Many thanks to those who visited on Saturday and to those who helped to make the day a success. A photo gallery of the event will be available on the website soon.

Wednesday 15th May 2013 - Layout Update - Watchit
Wiring is now taking place and hopefully work can start on the front scenic boards in the next few weeks.

The picture below shows the fiddle yard on Watchit. The incline in the middle of the picture is to allow trains from the branch on the front of the layout to return to the mainline again. The 2 outer tracks are 15' long to enable the Garretts to pull upwards of 40+ wagons. Click on the image to see a larger photograph.

Fiddle yard under construction on Watchit

Wednesday 15th May 2013 - Open Day
With just 5 weeks to the open day 6 layouts at present are due to appear. There will be a mixture of gauges on the day. More information can be found on the Open Day page with more details to follow.

Saturday 2nd February 2013 - Members' Layouts Update
Although we are a small club, as well as building the 3 club layouts some members are also constructing their own layouts at home. Over the next few months we will be adding details of these layouts to the website. Some are for the members' own enjoyment and some with the hope of one day showing their efforts to the public at exhibitions.

Just to whet your appetite here is a brief note on what will be coming:

O Gauge

  • Brightlingsea - A Great Eastern terminus
  • A Great Western terminus
  • Strawberry Fields - A LMS through station

OO Gauge

  • Long Melford - A Great Eastern through station in Suffolk
  • Watchit - A layout that will show the Heljan Garretts working hard
  • A small shunting layout

On15 Gauge (O Gauge on 9mm Track)

  • New Romney - A model of New Romney on the miniature railway in Kent. Being a miniature railway, it is built to a scale of O gauge running on 9mm track.

Saturday 5th January 2013 - Sudbury on Show
The club will have a stand as part of 'Sudbury on Show' on the 2nd February.

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Sunday 2nd December 2012 - Model Railway Exhibition
We held our annual exhibition at the beginning of October, with some high quality layouts being exhibited alongside some greatly stocked trade stands. A photo gallery of all the layouts that attended can now be found here.

Wednesday 12th September 2012 - Update on Club Layouts
Work is progressing on both club layouts. Stanhem Quay is running and work is now concentrating on finishing the buildings.

After spending the summer at Mak's house where the main running lines were relaid as there were some problems with alignment with the cassette, Constable Wharf is now back at the club and work is continuing to improve running and finish the buildings.

Wednesday 12th September 2012 - Open Day 2013
We already have 6 layouts in a mixture of gauges attending next year's open day from club members alone. They are all members' layouts. A list will be published soon.

Sunday 8th July 2012 - Open Day
Our club open day was held in Acton Village Hall in June. Information on the layouts which attended along with a photo gallery of the day can be found here.

Sunday 3rd June 2012 - Club Open Day
With only two weeks to go until our club open day at Acton village hall, work has been progressing on both the club and members' layouts. Below are a couple of photographs showing Nigel's layout 'Long Melford' under construction. More photographs and details of layouts attending the open day can be found here.

Thursday 19th January 2012 - Club Open Day
Club members are returning their forms for the open day and so far there are 6 layouts or part layouts in various scales and a club member who has a secondhand stall. Refreshments will be available and car parking is free. More details can be found on the Open Day page.

Thursday 19th January 2012 - Update on Club Layouts
Work has been continuing on the club layouts over the past few months.

Constable Wharf:

We still have a few electrical problems with a point and a couple of isolated sections, but members have started on buildings and scenery, so we are confident that the layout will be ready for our exhibition. Stock is being built or bought and we will have a passenger service with two rakes of local stock and one DMU ready and a second waiting to be built.

Stanhem Quay:

All the colour light signals are in place and operating and work is progressing on the buildings and scenery.

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Wednesday 7th December 2011 - Gestup St Anne features in BRM
Back in June, during the club's open day, photographer Paul Bason took photos of Derek Reeve's layout Gestup St Anne for British Railway Modelling magazine. The layout featured in the November 2011 edition of British Railway Modelling.

Paul also took photos of Peter Rednall's layout 'The Ashurst Brickworks Light Railway', which won the layout challenge at our 30th exhibition.

Photos of the photoshoot can now be found in the 2011 Open Day gallery and the BRM article itself can be read by clicking on the thumbnails below.*

*Article is reproduced with kind permission from British Railway Modelling.

Monday 7th November 2011 - Model Railway Exhibition
Our 31st Model Railway Exhibition was held at the beginning of October. Information and photographs of the event can now be found here.

Stanhem Quay, our newest OO gauge club layout, also attended the exhibition. Although the layout is still under construction, it allowed the public to view the progress on the layout. More information on the layout can be found here.

Club members operating Stanhem Quay at the 2011 exhibition.

Thursday 9th June 2011 - Club Open Day
Sunday saw our 19th open day. For such a small club we managed 9 layouts, which all belonged to club members. We were fortunate to have four wives who supplied us and the public with drinks and food.

The next committe meeting will decide if we are to have our 20th next year and then a date will be arranged.

Photographs from the open day can be found here.

Tuesday 7th June 2011 - Update on Constable Wharf
Progress has been slow over the last few months. Some members have started work on the scenery whilst a couple finished off the point motors before putting it all together and testing the running. We have finally decided on the cassette system and are now building these as well.

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Saturday 4th December 2010 - Gestup St Anne Attends Royston Exhibition
Derek Reeve recently attended the Royston exhibition on the 20th November with his layout Gestup St Anne. Here are some photos that were taken at the exhibition.

Sunday 24th October 2010 - Winner of the Layout Challenge
Our 30th annual Model Railway Exhibition took place on the 2nd October in Sudbury. To mark this milestone, we held a challenge for club members and other local modellers to build a layout with an area no larger than 10 square feet. At the time of the exhibition, we had 10 entries, with members of the public asked to vote for their favourite layout.

The winner of the layout challenge was Peter Rednall, with his layout the 'Ashurst Brickworks Light Railway', which was modelled in 009 gauge. At the end of the exhibition, Peter was presented with a glass tankard, engraved with the club logo and the words '30th Exhibition Layout Challenge Winner', by our club chairman Derek Reeve.

More news on the exhibition and a photo gallery will be available on the website soon.

Monday 27th September 2010 - Sudbury MRC Exhibition this Weekend
Our annual Model Railway Exhibition takes place this Saturday at St. Peter's Church in Sudbury. This year we have 13 layouts in the main exhibition, along with 11 local modellers and club members taking part in our layout challenge to mark our 30th exhibition. All the latest details and information can be found on the Exhibitions page.

Monday 21st June 2010 - Club Visit to Chingford
On Saturday members of the club visited Chingford Model Engineering Club. We were made very welcome and spent about 5 hours having rides and also driving the locomotives ourselves. They are open every Sunday in the summer and are well worth a visit.

Monday 19th April 2010 - Progress Report on Constable Wharf
It has been a long, hard winter on Constable Wharf but we have finally sorted out the cassette system for the layout. We should have built the cassestte first and laid the track to them, but we did it the other way round and this is the reason it has taken us most of the winter to sort out the problems.

We are using the small connectors that have pins on one side and holes on the other. This system aligns the tracks, puts power to the cassettee, but also lights and LED on the control panel to tell the operator that a cassette is in position.

The next job is to finish connecting the points and point motors and then we can fine tune the track and start the buildings.

Monday 19th April 2010 - Cornard Attends Amersham Exhibition
Cornard attended Amersham and Chorleywood Model Railway Society's exhibition on the Saturday 17th April. Below are photos of Cornard at the exhibition with the operators in their new shirts, along with the club emblem, which has been put on the cloth around the layout.

Sunday 24th January 2010 - Another layout taking part in 2010 Challenge
Club member Chris Martin is also taking part in the layout challenge at this year's exhibition. The layout is called 'Chapel Crossing'. The description of the layout is as follows:

"The layout is OO modern image. It has a few sidings where some engineers wagons are loaded and stabled. Somehow this small backwater has been overlooked in various reorganisations. It also shows that even in a micro layout of three square feet it is also possible to have a continuous run. Built with Peco Finescale trackwork."

Thursday 21st January 2010 - Layouts attending 30th Exhibition 2010
We now have details of two of the layouts that will be attending our 30th model railway exhibition in October, as part of the 2010 layout challenge.

These are 'Up and Down', which is a working model of a cliff railway that could be seen on the coast in the UK and 'Kouigwasser', a 2' 6" (760mm) gauge railway to HOe scale, which is based in Austria.

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Sunday 6th December 2009 - Update on Club Layouts
Work has been continuing to the trackwork on our club layouts. The 'OO' gauge group are nearing completion with the track ballasting on Stanhem, whilst the 'O' gauge group are currently working on the fiddle yard 'cassettes' for Constable Wharf.

The following photographs, taken by Paul Sumption, were taken during our last meeting on Friday evening and show the progress on the layouts.

Track Ballasting on Stanhem Quay:

Fiddle Yard Cassettes for Constable Wharf:

General Photographs of Stanhem Quay:

Completed Trackwork on Constable Wharf:

Sunday 11th October 2009 - Model Railway Exhibition
Our 29th Model Railway Exhibition was held on Saturday 3rd October at St. Peter's Church. A gallery showing photos of the day can be found here.

Saturday 16th May 2009 - Layouts Attend Stowmarket Exhibition
Club layout Cornard and Derek Reeve's layout Gestup St Anne both attended the Stowmarket model railway exhibition on the 26th April. Some photos of the layouts, taken by Peter Worton, can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below.


Gestup St Anne:

Friday 17th April 2009 - Update on Constable Wharf
We have begun testing the boards to make sure that power is getting to the track and to test the isolators and points work. Two boards have been tested and there are four to go.

Wednesday 25th March 2009 - General Club News
Easter is the closing date for applications for the 2010 Exhibition layout challenge. So far we have 14 people who have shown an interest in taking part, though there is still time to enter. Information about the challenge can be found on the Exhibitions page or you can contact Peter Worton at for more details.

Preparations are being made for this year's events, which include our open day and 29th annual model railway exhibition. The open day will be held on Sunday 21st June and the exhibition on Saturday 3rd October. More information on both of these events will appear on the website soon.

Work on club layout Constable Wharf has been slow over the last few months, though the next job is to make the leads from the control panel to the boards.

Constable Wharf under construction at the 2008 Open Day.

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Thursday 11th December 2008 - 2010 Layout Challenge
We now have several people who have expressed an interest in building a layout for our 30th exhibition in 2010. There is still time to enter the challenge though. For more details, please contact Peter Worton at

Saturday 25th October 2008 - Layout Challenge for 2010 Exhibition
Saturday 2nd October 2010 will see our 30th exhibition and to celebrate this milestone we will be holding a layout challenge.

If you live within an hour of Sudbury and would like to be considered to bring a layout, then here are the rules:

  • The layout must not have an area bigger than 10 square feet. For example, if a layout is 5 foot long, it cannot be more than 2 foot in width.
  • The layout must not be longer than 5 foot in length.
  • There must be something moving.
  • It must be finished, ie. track ballasted, scenery, etc.
  • Can be free standing or require a table.
  • Any scale or gauge.

The visiting public will be asked to judge the layouts and the winner will win a prize.

If you would like to have your layout considered or need more information, then please contact the club secretary, Peter Worton at

Thursday 9th October 2008 - Model Railway Exhibition
Our 28th Model Railway Exhibition was held on Saturday 4th October at St. Peter's Church. A gallery showing photos of the day can be found here.

Saturday 2nd August 2008 - Exhibition Attendance
Cornard has been invited to an exhibition at Needham Market, which is being organised by One Model Railway Club. The exhibition takes place on Saturday 23rd August in Needham Market Community Centre, from 10am to 5pm.

More details can be found on One MRC's website at

Monday 5th May 2008 - Update for April on Constable Wharf
All the track has been laid and wiring has started. We are also looking at the buildings, which we will need for the layout. The control panels are also under construction. Controllers have been bought; we are using Kent Panel Controls. DCC is not for us at the present time due to cost.

With only five weeks to the Open Day, hopefully we might have something running. Where was that clockwork engine?

Monday 20th April 2008 - Arrival of New Layouts at the Club
Over the last month, we have added two more layouts to the club. The first is an EM gauge layout that the club members built about 10 years ago. As the members who had stock for the layout left the club, it was given to Ian, who was one of the EM Group. Ian is now in the process of moving and no longer has room for Sturmer, so has offered it back to the club.

It may appear at the Open Day in June for members to assess what needs to be done to get it working again. Ian has very kindly donated the stock for the layout.

The other layout has been acquired for the junior members, so they can play trains and also begin to learn some of the skills needed to build a model railway.

Recently acquired layout for the junior members to practice their modelling skills on

Monday 14th April 2008 - News Update on Stanhem Quay
Most of the trackwork is now complete. Work is nearly finished on the wiring and is awaiting the completion of the track to have a full test running session on the whole layout. The station platforms are now well underway.

A manual uncoupling device has been designed and constructed and is in the process of being installed. This has been designed to uncouple tension lock couplings and has proved to be successful after some fine tuning.

Work has started in the quayside area, namely the harbour wall and the design of individual buildings.

Stanhem Quay with most of the trackwork completed

Saturday 1st March 2008 - Progress Report on Constable Wharf
During February, the second layer of polystyrene has been laid and painted. Height adjusters are now being put on the legs and the first lengths of track have been laid.

Sunday 27th January 2008 - Progress Report on Constable Wharf
This month we have finished building new boards for the layout and laid out the points that have been built. We are laying the track on thin polystyrene to raise it from the baseboard.

Hopefully in the next few weeks, we will start track laying, but the February update will see how successful we have been.

Sunday 6th January 2008 - Club Layouts Update
Stanhem our new 00 layout had its first loco run before Christmas, although there is still some more track to finish laying. The layout should be at our exhibition in October.

Constable Wharf is our first venture into O gauge. The baseboards are built and have been made into 3 boxes for storage and construction. Hopefully, track laying can commence in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday 5th January 2008 - Photo Galleries
Galleries showing photos of previous exhibitions have now been set up and can be found from the 'Previous Exhibitions' section on the Exhibitions page.

Saturday 5th January 2008 - Welcome to our new website!!!
Further content, including more information about our layouts and club events, will be added over the next few weeks, so please visit again soon.

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